Skype Tutorials

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This section is specially targeted at Skype beginners, the following tutorials give a detailed explanation of how to perform the most basic skype functions. We will add more & more tutorials each week. If you are instead looking for Skype Guides that can actually be read in paper. Follow the link to see the best Skype books available. With these step-by-step tutorials, which include a video in most cases, you will soon learn How to Use Skype and take advantage of all its features.

Skype First Steps


  • I have been using skype for 2 years.. then as of last week it would not let me connect..I even tried to set up another account… wouldn’t let me do that either. I woud appreciate any advice as I hav run out of options. Thanks, K
    ps yes, my heart beat is working just fine!

  • Jo Foster says:

    I have already got skype on my mac and have managed to use it a couple of times. Where are the basic instructions? People tell me they have sent me messages. Where are they? How did I get a skype name without asking for it? Why do the people in my address book get listed even though I don’t know their skype names if they have them? Will I get a response? Is there a phone helpline?

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