Skype Phone Reviews

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Ranging from cheap to expensive, from best quality to worst, here you have a list of Skype Phone Reviews. Before purchasing a Skype phone take into account where do you exactly want to use them, at home?, at work?, or anywhere?. Also bear in mind if you are trying to call landlines or mobile phone numbers with your Skype Phone, since that could make a difference in the call quality. Some cordless phones require the use of a router, so they are not that confortable to carry with you for trips. However, a USB phone might be much better since you just need to plug it in. Read all the Skype Phone Reviews below and keep learning How To Skype.

Cordless Skype Phones

Cordless Skype phones do not need a desktop computer to make a call. you just need to plug in the cordless phone base to your internet cable, and just make the usual calls both to skype users or landline and mobiel phones. Don’t forget that you need a router, just like you do when you have more than one PC.


  • Backlit Color display
  • Speaker phone
  • New message light indicator on handset

USB Skype Phones

Mobile Skype Phones

Skype Videophones

Skype Speakerphones


  • Larry Brennan says:

    I have an iMac. The Skype icon on my iMac doc is bouncing up and down with the number 1 on it. Does that mean someone is trying to reach me. If so, how can I tell who called from my contact list.
    Second question
    How can I send an invitation to speak with someone on Skype.l

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