Skype High Memory Usage Slowing Down PC & MAC

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Skype seems to consume too much memory, even for today’s standards, this problem doesn’t seem to worry much to the company as long as you can actually do video calls and chat even if you are unable to load any browser or extra desktop app, doesn’t matter if it is Firefox, Chrome, Safari or Internet Explorer. Unfortunately, there’s no version of any Skype Lite so far, which would greatly improve system performance in both PCs (Windows) and MACs. However, there seems to be one particular Skype version that has an optimal relation between performance and memory usage, that is the v3.8.0.188. Read the steps below and learn how to fix and improve Skype speed with the following tips.

How to Fix and Reduce Skype High Memory Usage and stop slowing Down your PC

  1. Download the Skype v3.8.0.188 from here
  2. Completely uninstall your current version of Skype and restart your system
  3. Install the downloaded, older and faster version of Skype.
  4. Go to options and uncheck the Extras Manager, which will help you run one less process, that is SkypePM.exe


  • Diana says:

    I’ve followed these instructions, but this older version of Skype isn’t compatible with the version of windows I’m using.

    I need to be able to use Skype for work, and so far I believe I’m the only person whose been having issues with the latest version slowing down my PC and making it near unusable (which isn’t very good when you work in IT).

    Do you have any other suggestions?

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