Skype Data Usage on 3G Calls

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Of course, if you have a limited data plan, you need to know how much data Skype uses in order to make an average voice call on 3G.

You should probable stop thinking of minutes and start thinking of megabytes used during Skype calls, whether it’s video or voice.

So, how much data consumption usage would an average Skype call have on a 3G call?

How much data or MB does Skype uses in order to make a call on 3G?

  1. Making a voice call on 3G from iPhone to iPhone: Data Received1.5MB, Data Sent:1.8MB, total of 3.3MB
  2. So, for instance, if you have a 100MB cap limit data usage for your plan, you could talk thorugh Skype for 2.5 hours. Remember, that you are actually using that same data to check emails.
  3. Another good and known trick is to use a Wi-Fi network whenever you can, so you don’t end up using all the data on 3G calls

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