How To Add Custom Status Messages on Skype

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Ever wonder if you could configure and add a custom message for your different Skype Status?, Away, Offline, Skype Me, Not Available, Do Not Disturb, Invisible, just like you do with MSN Messenger?. Well, there seems to be at least one addon that allows you to leave text message replies for that.

And even though you won’t be able set or configure it for simple chat messages, you will be able to do it for calls, and choose between a recorded voice or a simply reply to an incoming call with a text message. The addon is called Pamela, and has tons of features besides the “answering machine” that is one we are interested in.

How To Add Custom Status Messages on Skype

  1. Download Pamela and install it.
  2. Enable the feature Voicemail
  3. You can choose to record and voice answer to pick up the incoming calls or reply to those calls with a simple text message, that is the closest you will get to a custom Skype Status message
  4. There is no option to reply to Skype chat messages so far.

Pamela Custom Message Status Skype

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