Show in Skype Which Song You Are Listening To

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I guess that after you see so many of your Skype contacts have a music track displayed in their Skype Status (Mood) you probably want to do the same.

Showing the current song you are listening to on your Skype status is fairly easy and it works with Windows and MAC alike.

You can show your songs on Skype using several players, among them is iTunes and Windows Media Player, read the tutorial below and take a look at the full list of media players that are supported.

How to Display Music Track Titles on Skype Status

  1. Install the Skype plugin OnAir.
  2. Remember to have it opened when using Skype, you won’t see any icon in the taskbar though (Restart Skype first).

Music Players that work with Skype to Display Track Titles

  • iTunes
  • Windows Media Player
  • Winamp
  • VLC
  • foobar2000
  • AIMP2
  • Zune
  • ModPlug Player
  • JR Media Center
  • XMPlay
  • KMPlayer
  • GOM Player

NOTE: As OnAir works with VLC Media Player, it not only reproduces music song titles on Skype, but also reveals the title of any video you might be watching, so be careful.

How To Display Songs on Skype

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