How to Link Your Skype and Facebook Accounts

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If you are looking forward to link and integrate your Facebook and Skype accounts you will enjoy having a built-in facebook tab within Skype that basically merge these two worlds together, you can do all the usual facebook stuff, since the news feed wall is right there, plus leaving comments etc. The best feature is being able to see your friends’ phone numbers though.

You should notice the difference between importing your Facebook Contacts and Integrating your Facebook and Skype Accounts. With the latter you will have an extra Facebook tab built-in within Skype that will allow you to see the news feed but also, and more important, have right next to each of your facebook friends buttons to make a free Skype call or their mobile or landline phones showing up, and also SMS messages included, this way, with only one click you can make calls from Skype. Importing your Facebook Contacts will just have them as regular Skype contacts.

How to Link Your Skype and Facebook Accounts

  1. First of all, you need to update your Skype version to the latest. Go to Skype Menu Bar >> Help >> Check for updates. Once the installation is finished, proceed to the following step
  2. Exit Skype and then sign in again >> Go to View >> Facebook Updates
  3. Click on See News Feed in Skype button (should be clickable most of the time)
  4. Now enter your facebook details, email and password, click on the login button
  5. You must allow Facebook to access the application.
  6. Wait a bit for the news feed to load
  7. Enjoy!.

NOTE: If your See News in Feed button is disabled click on the link and find out how to fix it.

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