How to Delete Skype Chat History on Android

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Deleting Chat history and conversations on Skype app for Android is not as easy as it seems, sometimes the data can keep coming back. Follow these steps to erase Skype history on Android. A simple clear cache might not work at all. The problem seems to be only happening when the message history is generated in an Android phone.

How to Delete Skype Chat History on Android. Method 1.

  1. Right from Android main menu go to Settings >> Admin Applications >> Skype >> Delete Data
  2. This action will clean all your chat history. Your contacts will still be there
  3. Sign out and then sign in again so Skype syncs again with the servers.

How to Delete Skype Chat History on Android. Method 2.

Some users still claim that the message history still come back. If this is your case the only option you have is to uninstall the Skype app from Android and reinstall it all over again

  1. Go to Settings >> Applications >> Manage Applications >> Skype >> Uninstall

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