How to Change Skype Display Name?

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First of all, there’s a difference between Skype Name and Skype Display Name, the latter you can modify, since this is the description your friends and other skype contacts will be able to see on their own list. This display name will also show up when you make a call and in the chat window. The Skype name is the username and cannot be changed unless you create a new account (and import all your contacts there). This guide applies both for MAC and Windows.

How to Edit Skype Display Name?

  1. Sign in to Skype.
  2. In the menu bar, click Skype > Profile > Edit Your Profile….
  3. The item of the profile is called Full name, click on it.
  4. Modify your Skype Display Name and click on the tick box. That is it.

TIP:Remember that you can rename users, so they won’t neccesarily see the change you make here.

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