Facebook See News in Feed in Skype Button Greyed Out

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If you are looking forward to integrate and link your Facebook and Skype accounts, you may find out that the See News in Feed option is disabled. We believe there are two main reasons for that option to be disabled. One of them is that your Skype is not updated, meaning you are not using the latest version. The second option could be that Skype needs to see you signed in from your browser to let you in.

Skype Facebook Tab “See News in Feed” Button Greyed Out – How to Fix It

  1. Go to Skype Menu Bar >> Help >> Check For Updates. Go through the whole update process.
  2. Once the update is done, and you are signed in, it’s time to sign out and exit skype completely, meaning, you need to close the taskbar Skype icon application
  3. Restart Skype and Sign In Again
  4. Go To Skype Menu Bar >> View >> Facebook Updates and now the button See News in Feed should be clickable.
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