Does Skype Charge Your Mobile Phone Bill for Making Calls?

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The most frequent question by Skyper users who just start using the service on their mobiles phones is if Skype will charge their cellphone company for using it. The short answer, is NO, I bet that if you have this quesiton in mind you never actually bought Skype credit and incurred in a Skype subscription service. You do, however, consume bandwith each time you connect with another Skype contact and start having a video call or regular call, though if you are using Wi-Fi on your home you dont have anything to worry about.

What Type of Skype Calls are Free?

  1. Skype-to-Skype calls
  2. One-to-one video calls
  3. Instant messaging
  4. Screen sharing

What is The Actual Charge for Making a Call from Skype?

  1. This is the official Skype page on prices and rates.
  2. Users have basically 3 methods of making calls to regular phones from their Skype, the first, Pay as You Go, the second a Subscription Service and Finaly a Skype Premium Service. For Pay as You Go, you will get charged an extra connection fee.

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