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What is Skype Bandwidth Consumption?

When you do a Skype call, whether it is just voice or video, it consumes data traffic, and use quite a huge amount of bandwidth, even if you are not in a call. Read More to find out how much exactly.

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How to Remove Facebook from Skype

Many users find out that after linking their Skype account to Facebook, there’s a flood of messages coming in, and that is just not a pleasant thing if you use Skype for Work, and have around 500 Facebook contacts.

Follow the tutorial below in order to remove/delete/erase/disconnect your Facebook account from Skype

Skype Data Usage on 3G Calls

Of course, if you have a limited data plan, you need to know how much data Skype uses in order to make an average voice call on 3G.

You should probable stop thinking of minutes and start thinking of megabytes used during Skype calls, whether it’s video or voice.

So, how much data consumption usage would an average Skype call have on a 3G call?

How to Export Skype Chat History from iPhone

There are many methods to actually export or transfer chat history logs from other devices. But due to the massive amount of users that Skype has on the iPhone, the need for exporting chat logs from the iPhone to other systems is increasing.

Check out below the steps to transfer messages from iPhone to other devices suchs as the iPad, MAC or Windows PC.